Stake pools under ticker SPIRE are available for delegation and operated in accordance with our responsible growth strategy.  Simply search ticker SPIRE in a wallet that supports delegation and select an unsaturated pool.  The following programs are also available to qualified delegators.

Bootstrap Program
(1M+  required)

Program benefits include an effective 0% pool fee, 750 in one-time benefits and 6% ROA (estimated) on funds delegated to the pool.


  • Members delegate to a newly established SPIRE pool with 0% margin

  • Each epoch we reimburse the pool fixed fee plus an additional 1% ROA (annualized)

  • 250  benefit at 50% pool saturation; 500  benefit at 80% saturation


Member Funds Delegated: 


 Total Member Funds: 


% of Total Member Funds: 


Fixed Fee Reimbursement: 

85 per epoch

340 ₳ x 25%

1% Membership Benefit: 

208.48 per epoch

(1,500,000 ₳ x 1% ROA) / 73 epochs per year

Total Membership Benefit: 

293.48 per epoch


Limited availability.  Member stake must be active to be eligible for benefits.  Initial delegation amount is used to calculate 1% annualized benefit.  Benefits are paid each epoch until the pool's active stake reaches 10M or an agreed upon epoch is reached.

Private Pool Program
(10M+ required)

This program includes private stake pool architecture and management services that meet the unique needs of large delegators.  Our team first collaborates with program members to design a custom, non-custodial solution that is highly available and secure.  Once established, we then provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that member rewards are maximized.

Program Information

Contact us using the form below or visit our Telegram channel @SpireStakingOps

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