Building an Enterprise-Class Staking Ecosystem on the Cardano Blockchain

Don’t risk your rewards to amateur operated stake pools

Spire Staking’s team of IT veterans have decades of experience in global IT operations, infrastructure, managed services and security. 

Ensure your rewards are maximized by partnering with us and leveraging our domain expertise, redundant staking infrastructure and value-driven fee structure.


We guarantee 0% fees until 2022 (1% thereafter).  Delegate to our 1PCTA stake pool to support our growth and reinvestment in the Cardano community.


Our roadmap and growth strategy is based on four groups of stake pools that include:

  • 1PCT[A-D] 1% fee general pools
  • 1PCT[E-H] Premium pools with 3rd party auditing/governance
  • 1PCT[I-L] Smart contract pools with defined distributions
  • 1PCT[M-P] Reserved for future use


Other planned services include:

  • Private stake pool consulting and administration
  • Premium service profit-sharing with delegators


Join us on Telegram: @SpireStakingOps


Our web site is currently under development.

Please check back soon for updates!