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Professionally Operated Cardano Stake Pool

Supporting Cardano Growth and Decentralization


Search and delegate to ticker SPIRE in your Cardano wallet

 [SPIRE] Spire Staking  

 Top 10 Operator

Pool ID: d7513627b3d50819c1c84687bfd15f02f00cd11c37d7935a67540089


Lifetime Return on ADA (annualized): 


Prior Month Return on ADA (annualized): 


Pool Margin:


Fee Per Epoch:

340 ₳

1.50M ₳

Total Pledge



66.49M ₳

Active Stake


Epoch Blocks

73.35M ₳

Live Stake


Lifetime Blocks

*Spire is a top 10 operator by performance per (last updated 5/15/23)

Why Choose Us?

Professionally Operated

Spire Staking's team of IT veterans have decades of experience in enterprise IT operations, infrastructure, managed services and security.  Our team has architected, operated and supported infrastructure for organizations ranging up to Fortune 500.

Highly Available

Our Cardano infrastructure has been designed for maximum availability.  Geographical redundancy has been established to ensure that critical systems and infrastructure remain online 24x7x365.  Servers are proactively monitored and backed up daily.


Cardano services have been implemented by taking a security-first approach.  A multi-layer security and defense strategy has been established to provide comprehensive protection of critical systems and the most secure staking environment possible.

Value Driven

Delegator rewards are maximized by partnering with us and leveraging our domain expertise, redundant staking infrastructure and value-driven fee structure.  Our pool margin will remain at or below 2.5% to support ongoing service growth, operational expenses, and platform costs.


We value your trust and understand it must be earned.  System upgrades, changes and service impacting maintenance will be proactively communicated to delegators that subscribe to our @SpireStakingOps Telegram group.  We are also available via the email form below.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have comments, questions or concerns.

Low Leverage

Cardano security and decentralization is maximized by supporting low leverage operators such as ourselves.  We have aligned to IOHK's guidance for pool operators by consolidating pools, increasing total pledge and publishing our pool metrics.  Learn more about our governance model and strategy here.


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How May We Help You?

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