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  • How do I stake with Spire?
    1. You will first need to transfer funds to an official wallet such as Daedalus or Yoroi. 2. Once your funds are in either wallet, go to the Delegation section in your wallet and search for ticker SPIRE. 3. Select the SPIRE pool you wish to delegate to and click the "Delegate" button.
  • When will I receive rewards?
    It will take 4 epochs (15-20 days) to begin receiving rewards. This delay is built into the Cardano protocol and known as the "delegation cycle". You will receive rewards each epoch (5 days) thereafter.
  • How can I view and confirm my rewards?
    1. Visit and locate the SPIRE pool to which you're delegated 2. Click on the "Delegators" tab on the pool's detail page 3. Sort by "Amount" and locate the amount that matches your wallet. You may hover over the actual amount for more detail. 4. You will see the first epoch delegated to the pool next to the stake address. (This is your stake address.) 5. Click on the stake address to view delegation and rewards history.
  • How do pool fees work?
    Each epoch the 340 ADA fixed fee (which is the protocol minimum) is taken from all rewards generated by the pool. (Pool A generates 50,000+ ADA in rewards each epoch). Next, the pool variable fee (currently 0%) is removed from all rewards. Finally, the remainder is distributed to delegators prorata (based on relative stake).
  • Which pool should I delegate to?
    We recommend delegating to an unsaturated SPIRE pool. Your rewards will begin to diminish when pool saturation exceeds 100%.
  • How can I participate in the SPIRE community?
    Please join our Telegram group for frequent updates, support and to join our community.
  • Where can I view SPIRE pool details including performance, saturation, blocks produced, etc?"
    Pool index sites such as the following provide detailed information about pools: 1. 2. 3. Visit to view real-time pool performance.
  • What Cardano community forums exist?
    We recommend visiting the following online communities: 1. Official Cardano forum 2. Official Cardano Telegram group 3. Cardano Sub-Reddit
  • Where can I find staking and delegation overviews?
    We recommended the following 3rd party infographics: 1. Delegation Timeline 2. Staking Overview
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